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Volunteer Kalyanpur La Fundació en la Premsa


Frequent Questions :-
On Arrivel :-

  1. When I will arrive at Kolkata Airport, Somebody will be there?

Yes, from Foundation somebody will be there at Airport. Your name will be in their hand on a board.

2.How many km the project guest house from Airport?

From Airport to  project guest house will be 1:30 hour drive.

3.Do I need to Pay the transport from airport Kolkata to project?


THE HOUSE (Lord Jagannatha Guest House):- ROOM

  1. Is Bed rooms will be individual?

No, will be two person in each room.

2.How many volunteers will be in total?

Total Volunteers will be maxi 6 persons.

.3.Is House situated near School?

Yes, at the same premises but separate building.

4.Who will be at house with us?

The coordinator will be always at the same building.

5.Do we have orientation for the house and for the work?

Yes, coordinator will help you and will guide you always.


  1. What time our meals will be serve?

8:30 am breakfast, 1:30 to 2 pm lunch, 6 pm tea snacks and 9 pm dinner.

.2What type of food will be?

Meat (chicken), fish, egg and vegetable fresh Indian cooking at home.

3.Do I need to pay for drinking water (bottled water)?

No, this free available at house for drink.

.4.Can I take my bed cover?

Yes, you can take it but house will provide you if needed.



  • Very important that you stay there with modest dress, best if it’s cotton.
    House sandal and sport shoes are needed.


  1. What will be hour of volunteer work?

10 am to 2 pm five days in week. (thuesday and Sunday will be holidays).

2.What type of work will be?

Coordinator will be always help and guide you with information the work.
There will be three type of works which need to do accordingly under the guidence of coorinator, principal and class teachers.
A. Computer class, general. Age 6 to 10 years.
B. Class standard I to IV. Age 6 to 10 years . subject English, drawing, sports and extra activities. 
C. Nursery and kindergarten. Age 3 to 5 years.
D. Ready the home work, and care children.
E.Assist teachers to maintain the school's lessions.

3.Can I travel to go any other place inside of India during my volunteering priod?

Yes, you can. You should inform to project office.

4.Can I have information regarding my travel?

Yes, you will have information at our project office. Our authorized person will assist you the ticking, money changing and travel inside India.

5.What type of transport are available there?

Local train, Auto (tuktuk), Bus and rented Car.

6.What I expect from my volunteering?

We must differentiate between what is a work of a person skilled in development cooperation, with a technical background that requires specialization, and what a short-term volunteer.
Normally, in the latter case, the aim is to bring happiness to children, and teach them to write letters, numbers or songs, that's what you can bring in so short a period of time, usually not more than one month.

7.What are the age of the student in the school?

Age 3 to 10 years of age.

8.Is it a formal school?

Yes, this is a formal school, education system and school's authorised lessions which following the rules of west Bengal education board.

9.Objective of my volunteering?

We ask for patience, India is different from yours country, things are done differently, without haste, with kindness, we can not impose impossible things to accomplish in this area, among other things, because there are not enough means to do so. Which provides volunteer is less than what takes.


You need to take visa for travel India.


















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