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Volunteer Kalyanpur La Fundació en la Premsa


Volunteer for TRIPURANAGAR


This Program includes:

  • Orientation,
  • Program supervision,
  • In-country 24/7 volunteer support,
  • Volunteer house Accommodation in a double room ,
  • 4 Meals (fresh home made) breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner,
  • Bottled Water 24 hours ,
  • airport pick –up, transfer back to the airport,
  • educational picnic with school at local tribal areas,
  • Assist teachers in class, (10 am to 2 pm) 5 days in week.
  • Cultural activities with local village people.
  • Participation local festival,
  • Taking part pujas and other cultural activities with local people.
  • Bhagavat Gita,Meditation & Yoga Class ( After noon ) those who interest.
  • Get International Volunteer certificate.


Volunteering At " Sirena Primary School ”

(A trusted domestic and homely atmosphere since 1993)


The child’s sense of wonder and natural curiosity is a primary motivating factor in learning.

SIRENA PRIMARY SCHOOL offering services in education since 1993 at kalyanpur village. School estabished by "Private Foundation Daniel Shah & Nuria Toneu" and it's dedicated to promote education at rural children. This is a first school in this area. Nursary to class IV standered which 3 to 10 years of age.This is a co-education school, where girl child receive same attendence with other boy student. School managment undertake by the separate managment committee at school's teachers and staffs for development and run. Offering supports and creating a place for study for the children who are the future and part of this locality. This is Bengali peaceful Hindu community.

Sirena Primary School is situated in a humble close proximity of Kolkata mega city, which is a formal school in this area, is located in the village of Kalyanpur, that is 40 km from central city & 3 km from Kolkata South at West Bengal state. and area which situated great Sundarbans tigar reserve forest. It's a UNESCO world heritage site and one of seven wonder in our time.

Las greenery and fruits trees, flower trees, ponds and beautiful garden makes you refresh. To be a part of this will be a life time memory. It will be just home away home. It's just your home at India where you will be most welcome. And to be a part of Volunteer services for the school and the people of this community.

From the moment you enter our Sirena Compound , the warm welcome and the beauty of the grounds invites you. Pure natural environment with silence, humble village and natural stay will make you refresh.  House situated in the mist of greenery with lots of Coconuts, Banana, Mango and different trees makes you happy and can eat if you are in season. House remain in pure natural sweetness which feels that you are always welcome by her. Ideal for the people who are searching a spiritual peace and quietness. Disconnect from fast and busy life from city.

Our Garden

Curriculum was developed by the department of West Bengal Board of Primary education.  The curriculum is learner – centred. It emphasises the importance of literacy, Numbers and languages, while at the same time responding to changing needs in science, geography and social personal and citizenship. Including physical education and extra curriculum activity (work education).

This volunteer comes to serving children and help in various activities they do in school, help local teachers teach, help youngsters to learn to write the alphabet guiding them with her little hand, draw, assist in handicrafts, helping them eat lunch, games ect ... teach (, run-cop ....), songs ...... volunteers who have a user level of English can teach English to children from 3-10 years (first English course) following a school book, is valued much volunteers to bring their own program teaching English, ideas of crafts, education, among others.

Volunteers are very important to the school as children become more open, and they are very dear.We must differentiate between what is a work of a person skilled in development cooperation, with a technical background that requires specialization, and what a short-term volunteer.
Normally, in the latter case, the aim is to bring happiness to children, and teach them to write letters, numbers or songs, that's what you can bring in so short a period of time, usually not more than one month.

We ask for patience, India is different from yours country, things are done differently, without haste, with kindness, we can not impose impossible things to accomplish in this area, among other things, because there are not enough means to do so. Which provides volunteer is less than what takes.

Volunteering consists of five days a week in the morning 10 am to 2 pm. And afternoon is free to go for a walk with the village market, or relax at home. where you can go to buy clothes, personal items , ........You will have your weekends free to explore more of the host country and local culture. You also have the apportunity to take an organized tour or safari with a tour provider recommended to you by our local staff.

The impact of education is boundless and the influence our Teaching volunteers have on the communities we work in goes well beyond the classroom. Whether teaching English, other subjects or working on extracurricular activities, the students are eager to learn and participate. Volunteers may teach independently, provide support to local teachers or team up with other international volunteers in traditional classrooms, tutoring programs. Sirena Primary School is a regular school with 70 children capacity in Primary standard.  There are regular study course including subjects which they need to pass the exam.

Activities : CHILD CARE, TEACHING, COMPUTER CLASS, EDUCATIONAL & CREATIVE ACTIVITY, decoration classrooms, arts, music and dance, sports and culture activity.

Volunteers of Sirena Primary School offering their services and they are happy to be a part of this cummunity.

  • We recognise that students may have different starting points when they first enter school.
  • To provide children in kindergarten and nursery with more individualised attention to give them a strong grounding.

Your volunteer service will be a life time memory.


The volunteer house

The volunteer house is located in the same compound building,called Lord jagannatha house, is a large house (three dubble bed rooms and surrounded by greenery with a private garden and fruit trees, mangoes, bananas, coconuts and a natural pond where you can enjoy.

Total Volunteer will be maximum 6 person at a time.





*Program Fee - 419 Euros for 15 DAYS:

  • airport pick – up, transfer back to the airport
  • orientation,
  • program supervision,
  • accommodation
  • cultural activities with local village people.
  • 4 meals (fresh home made) breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner during volunteer program period, **
  • drinking water 24 hours
  • in-country 24/7 volunteer support.
  • International volunteer certificate.

*Registration Fee - 25 Euros

  • ongoing support from FDSNT staff,
  • program marketing costs,
  • information pack,
  • administration costs,
  • travel costs to inspect programs ,
  • and communication costs with volunteers.

+ Extra week will be 169 Euros.

Additional Costs ( volunteer program NOTHING, )But your own expenditures will be visa, travel documentation,vaccination, souvenirs, in-country travel and tours, etc)

*To registre in the program, you must send one e- mail to  and we will indicate the steps to follow..Registration helps to have a reserved bed,* it is important to send it as soon as possible.
* The amount of Program Fee must be made three weeks before departure. ("limited" only allow total six persons)

Our Volunteer programm family with children can takes part to gather with parent. Our volunteer program that can accommodate family to gether in home – stay accommodation.


Your home stay
Lord Jagannatha House.

Love and peace (with Inspiration and Service)
PLEASE BRING A PERMISSION LETTER WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT LORD JAGANNATHA HOME (which will be send to you by Foundation in your email address,after paid the fees.)
Whether you are a new comer or a veteran camper, all guests must make safety their first and highest priority. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our volunteer family house. To make your stay even more enjoyable, we would like to point to some useful information :-



  • Guest should take own drinking water (mineral water). Offer you FREE.
  • Do not drink normal water in any time, TAKE CARE AT THE TIME OF BATH OR WASH MOUTH.
  • You are allowed to use internet, television, refrigerator, cooking utensils and gas.
  • Do not over use of water.
  • 4 meals will be for every person.
  • You can take part the cooking which you like, by yourself. (Assist will be there to help you).
  • The day you out, say in advance, for your food that it’s not lost in anyway.



  • Bed/ bed mats, linens, pillows, mosquito net will be provided but guests should bring their own toiletries.
  • Guest will keep their bedroom cleaned at all times.
  • Decent and modest clothing is required. It should be comfortable to allow easy movement.


NIGHT REST - 10 pm to 6 am.

  • No noise is allowed during night, radio, TV, musical instruments, Loud singing and shouting are not allowed. Maintain calm and peace always during your stay.
  • Guests will “NEVER ENTER” another guest’s bedroom without direct permission for the affected guest. Must respect the physical, psychological space of others.
  • Always practice safety and courtesy to others.
  • Please abide by the House schedule and try to follow it. (Instruction and guide will be given from school accordingly for volunteer activities.)



  • FIRST-AID medicines are available in the house. But advice is to take some for your personal requirment.
  • In case of emergencies the clinic is only 15 minute drive away from the house.
  • Any unexpected medical expenditure to pay there by case. (medical insurace is requir during your stay)



  • The use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the Lord Jagannatha House.



  • Immediately report any damage to equipment. The Lord Jaganatha house facilities are inspected after each guest’s stay. Damages and losses are charged accordingly. The guests assume full responsibility for returning the equipment to its original condition.



  • You should keep all valuable (cell phone, money, Jewellery Etc) documents in your personal safe locker and keep key with you always. The house management takes no responsibility for any lost of the guest’s valuable.
  • Do not carry any expensive goods with you. Small luggage always the best and free of fear.



  • You no need to pay for any thing to the volunteer house during your stay. (Only the extra food or any items which you like to buy or transportation for yourself).
  • If you like to travel other places by your self during your stay, you will receive information, guide and help to buy your tickets, etc.


Foundation Daniel Shah & Núria Toneu is a Private Spanish INT.   working in India since 1993.

This is a non-profits organization, so you will receive the certificate of donation purpose for other continuation projects for the Foundation.







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